Review of the Hurricane Manual Wheatgrass Juicer from Handy Pantry

stainless steel juicer looking like an old fashioned meat grinderWheatgrass users are a dedicated lot. Eating greens is well known to be amazingly healthy but even so few people do it. Maybe it is the taste and maybe it is even fear of what the taste could be!

But there is no denying the power of the fresh, organic wheat grass juice made in your own kitchen from your own wheatgrass.

If you drink a lot of orange juice you might choose to go for a specialist citrus press – likewise for pomegranates – the health benefits of the fruit along with the difficulty in juicing them combine to produce the need for a special pomegranate juicer.

Similar situation for greens.

Most juicers do a wimpy and pathetic job on greens and even worse on wheatgrass so a specialist juicer is required.

And so manual wheatgrass juicers and electric juicers with horizontal and vertical designs are options.

The "Handy Pantry" Hurricane Juicer is a stainless steel juicer that you hand crank after clamping the unit to a table top or counter top.

There is a potential problem there because the clamp on the Hurricane only handles surfaces up to a thickness of 1 and a half inches.

And that is probably the only problem you will find with this unit. It is easy to assemble so it is quick and easy when you want juice some Wheatgrass and it is easy to take apart and to wash.

Washing is important because if it is fiddly and difficult your initial enthusiasm may well  fade away unless clean up is easy and I can't describe it better than a user at Amazon who said, "The clean up takes about 1 minute. Just unscrew the end cap; pull off the handle; pull out the gear; and rinse the cap, gear, and body under the sink. Simple with no mess."

And to add to that the parts are dishwasher safe! Time now to see the Hurricane in action so take a peek at the kitchen video here and see for yourself. By the way the young guy doing the juicing does not put enough wheatgrass in to get a good shot of juice…

One precaution noted by several customers is that the juicer comes with a screen or mesh installed and most users recommend removing it when juicing wheatgrass.

Other than that there are almost no criticisms of the design or operation. This unit is repeatedly called an "heirloom" product that will be handed down in your family because it will die after you do!

One final note…Remember to check that your surface where you want to use the Hurricane is less than 1 and a half inches thick and you are all set to go! ( I just checked with Handy Pantry and their answer was 1 and 5/8 inches )

To check out the latest price at Amazon click here

BTW it's worth mentioning that you can use this specialist wheatgrass juicer to make other juices too. Handy Pantry say,"Juices Wheatgrass, Barleygrass etc. Juices many fruits, vegetables and leafy greens".

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