Juicers 101 – What Type of Juicer is Best For Me? Part 1 of 3

With thousands of juicers,  juicing recipes and conflicting opinionated advice from all sides about juicing what’s a juicing newbie to do?

So maybe you just got a new juicer or are just dusting one off that been hiding in a cupboard unused and want to get going anew.

And you’re wondering “Does it really have to be SO complicated?

And my answer is Nope! 🙂

Here at myjuicinglife I like to make juicing simple so what follows is a quick walk through of some simple juicing options. I will be mostly pointing out Juicers on sale at amazon for convenience – but you may be able to get these models locally too.

So let’s get juicing…

Manual Juicers

The absolutely easiest way to juice is to use a manual juicer. There are different types so let’s look at the range and see if you’d like any of them!

Citrus Juicers

For lemons and limes there are small juicers that store easily and wash easily too. Please note that some may require hand washing only.

There are 3 Simple Styles of Citrus Juicer

Traditional glass hand juicer for citrus fruit on;yGlass and Steel “Reamers”

This is the traditional style and is probably present in most kitchens already. Options here are between the different materials – you may like glass because it looks so elegant or go for stainless steel or plastic because neither of those would break! Ever! And all these are very easy to use and clean

Next step up is the Chef’n Juicester Citrus Juicer and Reamer

Elegant hand juicer

Design is personal but I love this juicer. It has 2 “reamers” so that both little limes and big oranges can be juiced. It is made from heavy gauge plastic and is described as “Top rack dishwasher safe”

For a hand powered juicer it would be hard to find a better one.


Nut cracker Style Juicers

Nut cracker citrus juice juicerGot muscles? You can use them with the “nutcracker style” juicer. There are different designs but the important issue with this style is to get steel rather aluminium because it is less likely to bend!

Hand Reamer

simple hand reamer style juicer Some people just like the simplicity of this hand citrus reamer. It may be made of wood or plastic and is fine for small limes or lemons.

The wooden option is shown here but this is available in plastic too.

Made from solid Beech wood with a natural oil finish

The reviews for this reamer are very enthusiastic  – people just like the simplicity and ease of use and cleaning too

OXO Good Grips Wooden Reamer


Professional Hand Citrus Juicers – there are 3 to Take Seriously

Hamilton Beech Citrus press with its  tall and robust designWant more juice from your citrus fruit? Then piling on 2,000 Ibs of pressure will squeeze that citrus fruit dry and you can do that with the Hamilton Beach 932 Commercial Juicer

It actually has a rack and pinion system for leveraging the pressure you apply. With a skid free base and a sturdy design this is for a Juice bar or coffee shop or for anyone who likes it!

Most owners were extremely pleased with the performance of the Hamilton Beech but one reviewer was concerned that there was a small amount of plastic that came into contact with the juice – he wanted to avoid plastic. The only other possible downside is that it is a fairly tall juicer and may not fit countertops underneath wall cabinets so get that ruler out and check before you buy.

An alternative to the Hamilton Beech is the Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press

Made of cast iron and 18/10 stainless steel this is a solid structure that might outlive its purchaser! It has an ergonomic rubberised handle and is engineered to withstand 2300 Ibs of force.


The Pomegranate and Citrus Juice Press

very functional design of the Pomegranate and Citrus PressSeems that it takes a special design to get the juice out of pomegranates and since they are a superfood, it’s well worth doing.

With an extremely simple and strong construction and a no skid base this is ready for lots of hard kitchen use. At present this it comes with a small manual lime juicer as a bonus.

Know of a better one? Let me know what model it is and why you reckon it’s great!


We’ve looked at some superb manual  juicers on this page and now we get to look at the Electric Citrus Juicers and juicers for carrots and other vegetables, green juices and wheat grass.


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